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 Worker Heritage Series

Previously presented through the Salina Public Library CLASS program

Contact us if you are interested in one of our  presentations. We have six worker/labor related historical talks available. 

Presentations Available

Minersville, Kansas: The Times, The Mines & the Workers

Tom Feming (Bethany faculty member and author), Debi Aaron (State Aercheological officer and Amatuer Aerchologist) and Greg Stephens (K-State Salina faculty and teaches Labor and Industrial Relations and History of Technology) present this popular story about coal mining in North Central Kansas. Tom explains the geography and why people emigrated top the now ghost town, Debi explians the story about Minersville's 29 mines and 500 miners, and Greg tells stories about the Knights of Labor and  the impact of the Populist Era. This program has been presented  in Concordia, Salina, Belleville and is schedules for Hays and Manhattan. (5o minutes)

Salt of the Earth

A film historical film presentation and discussion  

featuring women, labor and economic working conditions

during the 1950's . This film was banned during the

McCarthy Era due to its content.   ( 1 1/2 hours)

The Story of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire & Public Safety

How one of the deadliest fires in United States history created emphasis on worker public safety. This event helped modernize labor laws and resulted in the founding of the American Society of Safety Engineers. Greg Stephens tell this story. ( 30 minutes plus)

 Women Labor Leaders: Then and Now

Focuses on women as workers who had to bear the hardships of the Industrial Revolution and were among the first to unionize. The presentation and discussion will feature the stories of women like Mother Jones, Frances Perkins, and others who stood up for worker rights in the past and today.  (30 minutes plus)

 Frances Perkins

Learn about one of America's most important labor supporters. Frances Perkins witnessed the Triangle ShirtWaist Factory as a young girl and went on to become one of the designers of the "new deal" and the first Secretary of Labor. Joan Ratzlaff presents this story. (10-15 minutes)

The Ludlow Colorado massacre and the Colorado Coalfield Wars

Learn about the early coal industry in Colorado and the Ludlow Massacre, one of the most important labor disputes in the country. located north of Trinidad Colorado. Historian Howard Zinn described the Ludlow Massacre as "the culminating act of perhaps the most violent struggle between corporate power and laboring men in American history", Congress responded to public outcry by directing the House Committee on Mines and Mining to investigate the incident. Its report, published in 1915, was influential in promoting child labor laws and an eight-hour workday. Greg Stephens tell this story.  (30 minutes plus).

Presentation & Interviews

Frances Perkins talk by Joan Ratzlaff.

Conversations about Work in Japan- A Greg Stephens Interview with Dr. Charles Weathers. 

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