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The Next SAWC Meeting is Monday, August 14.  6: 00 pm.

Salina Public Library 

CALL-  Joan Ratzlaff at 785-787-5433 or

​E-Mail- salinaworkers67401@gmail.com

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Links and Reading 

  1. Salina WorkForce Link Here!
  2. AlecExposed.com - A primer on Legislative Influence
  3. Labor Heritage Foundation- History Links and Information
  4. Workplace Professionalism
  5. Poverty and Fast Food Facts- Berkeley Labor Center
  6. Public Citizen- Link
  7. Center for Media and Democracy
  8. Citizen Koch

We meet at 6 pm on the second Monday of each month  at the Salina Public Library. For more information call Joan Ratzlaff at 785-787-5433 or Pat Milham at 785-236-0405.

All welcome.

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The purpose of the Salina Area Workers' Coalition is to explore how all workers contribute to our community and to promote the value of workers in our society.  We are a contact point for worker issues. All welcome to contact us.